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About Us

Vote for Equality is mobilizing and maximizing the turnout of college students to vote for candidates that support reproductive rights in the Virginia state elections. In close races the student vote could be decisively important. 

Vote for Equality is an independent expenditure political action committee endorsed by the Feminist Majority and the National Organization for Women. 

Our Mission

To keep the Virginia House and Senate Blue and to stop Governor Glenn Youngkin and the GOP from rescinding the Equal Rights Amendment. This will also help to protect abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, and to enact gun safety reforms.

Who We’re Supporting

Virginia State Senate

Senate 4- Trish White-Boyd

Senate 17- Clint Jenkins

Senate 22- Aaron Rouse

Senate 27- Joel Griffin

Senate 30- Danica Roem

Senate 31- Russet Perry

Virginia State House

House 10- Dan Helmer

House 20- Michelle Maldonado

House 21- Joshua Thomas

House 22- Travis Nembhard

House 29- Marty Martinez

House 28- David Reid

House 30- Rob Banse

House 41- Lily Franklin

House 65- Josh Cole

House 64- Leonard Lacey

House 70- Shelly Simonds

House 71- Jessica Anderson

House 86- Jarris Taylor

House 84- Nadarius Clark

House 82- Kimberly Pope Adams

House 83- Mary Person

House 89- Karen Jenkins

House 96- Kelly Fowler

House 95- Alex Askew

House 97- Michael Feggans

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