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Vote for Equality is mobilizing and maximizing the turnout of college students to vote Blue in key states with the goal of flipping the Senate majority from Red to Blue in the 2020 elections.  In close races the student vote could be decisively important. 

Vote for Equality is an independent expenditure political action committee endorsed by the Feminist Majority and the National Organization for Women. 

Our Mission

To flip the US Senate from Red to Blue and elect a Democratic Senate Majority which will stop the massive blockade of US House passed legislation and the packing of the US courts with ultra conservatives.  Plus it will help:

  • Enshrine the Equal Rights Amendment which prohibits sex discrimination (including sexual identity and orientation) under  the law) in the U.S. Constitution;
  • Pass racial justice and end police violence legislation;
  • Deal comprehensively with COVID 19 and its devastating impact on people;
  • Increase access to health care including access to birth control and abortion;
  • Pass gun safety and reform legislation;
  • Move forward environmental protection legislation;
  • At last, move child care and paid family and medical leave legislation as well as raising the minimum wage.

Who We’re Supporting

Sara Gideon
Barbara Bollier
Theresa Greenfield
north carolina
Cal Cunningham
Mark Kelly
Steve Bullock

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